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D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions

we maximize the profit of your hotel

D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions

By combining creativity, marketing know-how and superior technology, D-EDGE helps 12,000 hotels worldwide increase their online sales revenue through simple and reliable solutions.

Our 360 ° package includes:

  • CRS : Reservation Engine, Channel Manager, GDS, Payment Automation, Main Facility Management Panel

  • HUB Connections : D-EDGE allows you to connect your hotel with over 350 global and local suppliers (CRS, CRM, RMS, PMS, GDS, Payment Systems) as well as distribution channels (OTA)

  • CRM : CRM system, Building guest loyalty, Guest feedback management

  • Reports and analyzes : Price monitoring, Price recommendations, Efficiency analysis

  • Internet Marketing : Search, Display, Metasearch and Social Media.

  • Hotel website design : creating and designing hotel websites, content creation, media production

All materials are available at:

Cracow, Poland

+48 784 012 988

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